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Facebook Bans Cover of Jane's Addiction's "Nothing's Shocking"?

While Facebook insists that it didn't remove the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind album for violating its terms of use, the social networking giant seems to have a new alternative rock icon in its censorship cross hairs: Jane's Addiction.

It looks like the cover of the band's 1988 classic Nothing's Shocking has been pulled down, presumably for featuring a sculpture of a pair of nude female conjoined twins.

The band recently posted a censored version of the cover -- featuring "not safe for Facebook" bars over the offending areas, seen at left -- to their Facebook page with the message: "In 1988, nine of the 11 leading record chains refused to carry Nothing's Shocking because of its cover. (In 2011, Facebook joined them.)"

Just because, you can see the full, uncensored cover below.

This news comes on the heels of a story about the London Underground banning the album artwork for the new Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration, Lulu, for supposedly resembling graffiti too closely.

Jane's Addiction will release their new album, The Great Escape Artist, on October 18.