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Fantom power: DiMarzio’s new pickups offer classic P90 tone without the hum

(Image credit: DiMarzio)

DiMarzio has released three new Fantom electric guitar pickups, designed to project, according to the company, the classic P90 mid-range grittiness and growl, creamy single-notes and harmonic bloom, but minus the hum.

The new Fantoms work in all positions and are available in three models – soapbar, dog ear or mounted into a full-size humbucking cover.

All three are hum-canceling and fit into a P90 cover, using four coils for classic P90 sound without the noise.

The Fantom P90 with a full-size humbucker cover (DP279) is available for $169.99, while the Fantom P90 Dog Ear (DP278D) and Fantom P90 Soapbar (DP278S) are $149.99 each.

For more information head to DiMarzio.