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Frank Iero: "You learn more playing with other people than lightyears of playing in your bedroom"

In the latest episode of Ernie Ball's String Theory, My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero sits down amongst his impressive array of gear to chat all things guitar.

The rhythm man goes through some standout axes in his collection, including an Esteban acoustic-electric which was used throughout the Black Parade World Tour, and his first-ever electric guitar: a Fernandes Lawsuit Stratocaster.

"At some point, this was entirely covered in shitty stickers and whatever you could possibly get from a Warped Tour," Iero says of the Strat.

The video also sees Iero share his tips for aspiring guitar players.

"If the big bang is you getting an instrument and figuring out a few chords by yourself and writing horrible songs with those three chords, then evolution is you getting in a room with other people and seeing what it's like to play with strangers," he says.

"You learn more playing with other people than lightyears of playing in your bedroom."

The interview is edited over a backdrop of Iero's playing, so keep an ear out for any MCR riffs you might recognize...

My Chemical Romance's much-hyped 2020 reunion tour was postponed in the wake of COVID-19. For a full list of rescheduled dates, head to the band's website.

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