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Fredric Effects’ DuoFace Dual Vintage Fuzz packs silicon and germanium circuits into one pedal enclosure

Fredric DuoFace
(Image credit: Fredric Effects)

UK-based Fredric Effects has introduced the DuoFace, the company’s version of the legendary Fuzz Face pedal, only tweaked to offer two complete circuits in parallel.

The versatile fuzz pedal boasts a negative ground silicon transistor FF and a positive ground Germanium transistor FF, with a switch to choose between them and individual bias controls for each circuit.

The result is a pedal that offers everything from smooth and sustain-y germanium fuzz to gated and “splitty” silicon distorto-tones with the flick of a switch.

A voltage converter allows for running the positive and negative ground circuits simultaneously, and each germanium transistor is measured by hand to be in the correct gain and leakage range.

The DuoFace is available for £140 (approx. $190). For more information or to purchase, head to Fredric Effects.