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Fulltone readies the Ranger, a pimped-out Rangemaster treble booster

Fulltone Ranger pedal
(Image credit: Fulltone)

Fulltone has announced the Ranger, a Custom Shop recreation of the iconic Dallas Rangemaster treble booster that boasts a bevy of tweaks.

Chief among these is a six-position rotary switch, which offers a range of boostable frequencies:

  • Full range
  • Low mid boost
  • Mid boost
  • Rangemaster #1 treble boost .0047 cap
  • Rangemaster #2 .0068 cap
  • Highest

Like the original, it’s fueled by a germanium transistor, but Mike Fuller has managed to get the pedal to run from a regular 9V negative-ground power supply, as well as a battery.

Fuller is also promising a limited run of 60 units that come with low-noise N.O.S. 1965 Mullard OC75 transistors, for vintage-spec pedal fiends.

There’s no word on price or availability for this one, other than it’s “coming soon”. For now, keep an eye on Fulltone Custom Shop.