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Geezer Butler recalls the B.C. Rich bass so sharp it cut his thumb open at Live Aid

(Image credit: Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

Black Sabbath’s 1985 reunion with Ozzy Osbourne at Live Aid may not have been their most memorable show. But one thing that has always stuck out from the performance is Geezer Butler’s excessively pointy, cross-adorned red B.C. Rich custom bass.

Apparently, the instrument, which Geezer recently revealed he still owns, made quite the lasting impression on him as well.

"I was recently asked about the bass played during Live Aid,” he wrote on Twitter alongside a photo of the bass.

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“Yes, I still have it. It's a custom B.C. Rich, only ever played it at Live Aid. 

"I whacked my thumb on that sharp edge, and could hardly play the bloody thing, it went right into my nerve and my whole hand went numb."

You can check out a pic of the possible moment of attack above. Let that be a warning to luthiers and fans of pointy guitars and basses everywhere.