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Get classic Sadowsky bass tone in a pedal with the company’s new preamp stompboxes

(Image credit: Sadowsky)

Sadowsky has brought its bass preamp into stompbox form with the new SPB-1 and SPB-2, which essentially load the same electronics built into the company’s instruments into an effects pedal enclosure.

The SPB-1 sports Volume, Bass and Treble controls, a switchable mute, a ground lift switch, an XLR direct out, a tuner out, status LEDs and more. It can be used in front of an amp to beef up tone or as a DI box.

The SPB-2, meanwhile, hosts just the EQ section of its counterpart, with Volume, Treble and Bass controls, as well as mono in/out jacks, status LEDs and true bypass switching.

Both pedals are powered via 9V battery operation or optional 9V DC adapter.

The SPB-1 is offered for $299., while the SPB-2 is available for $219.90. For more information, head to Warwick.