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Get humbucking tones out of a single-coil, and vice versa, with Stone Heavy Sound’s Decade pedal

(Image credit: courtesy of Stone Heavy)

Stone Heavy Sound has unveiled the Decade pedal, which promises to electronically change the number of winds of wire on a pickup coil and pull new tones out of a guitar.

The pedal employs point-to-point wiring and passive circuitry to alter the frequency response of pickups, essentially 'tripling' the number of available sounds by offering two modes in addition to a pickup's standard output.

Those two modes are: 60s, which - according to the company - “is like taking winds off the pickup,” making humbuckers sounding brighter, and 70s, which takes highs off the top end and adds midrange to single-coil sounds.

(Image credit: courtesy of Stone Heavy)

The pedal is equipped with a standard 2.1mm DC power jack (for powering LED indicators – otherwise the circuit is passive); Stone Heavy also points out that the Decade does not work with active pickup systems, and needs to be first in a pedal chain in order to interface correctly with a guitar.

To learn more about the Decade, check out Stone Heavy founder Stu Suarez’s demo below, or just pick one up for yourself for $299.