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Gibson Sues Dean, Luna Guitars

(Image credit: Gibson)

Gibson has reportedly filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Armadillo Enterprises, the parent company of Dean Guitars and Luna Guitars.

In the lawsuit, which was first reported by, Gibson alleges trademark infringement, trademark counterfeiting, unfair competition and trademark dilution on the part of Armadillo. Particularly, Gibson says Armadillo has run afoul of its Flying V, Explorer, ES and SG, "Dove Wing" headstock design, "Hummingbird" name and "Moderne" trademarks.

Dean Guitars was founded in 1976, the same year the company began offering at least two of the offending models in question.

In a statement obtained by Guitar World, Armadillo Enterprises said that Gibson's claims were "entirely baseless," and that the company will "vigorously defend ourselves and seek to cancel Gibson's alleged trademark registrations."

Gibson reportedly first sent a cease-and-desist letter to Armadillo back in October 2017, when the company was still led by former CEO Henry Juskiewicz. After no action was taken, the company sent another cease-and-desist letter last month, followed by this court filing.

Gibson is reportedly seeking Armadillo’s profits, damages sustained by Gibson and the costs of the action. The company can also pursue statutory damages of up to and including $14 million—$2 million for each of the seven violations.

Guitar World has reached out to Gibson for comment.