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Guitar World Readers' Top 10 Pink Floyd Albums

I just got back from talking to Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason up on 50th Street.

You'll be happy to know he's a nice guy!

Anyway, this past Tuesday, September 27, EMI kicked off its massive Pink Floyd remaster / reissue campaign.

All 14 of the band's studio albums -- from The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn to The Division Bell -- have been remastered and smell of shiny new cardboard. Also released on September 27 was the Discovery box set, which includes all 14 albums and a very cool, very horizontal photo book.

This first wave of releases (The second wave kicks off November 8 -- and there's a third wave coming in February) also includes hugely expanded "Immersion" and "Experience" editions of The Dark Side Of The Moon.

For more about the releases, check out Pink Floyd's official website. And obviously, please stay tuned for my upcoming interview with Nick Mason!

So last week we asked you to vote for your favorite Pink Floyd album (those from the new reissue series, that is). Check out the photo gallery below to see the winners -- your winners.

Thanks for voting!

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