Guitar shopping with Slash, Glenn Tipton unleashed, Robert Fripp's best and more – only in the new Guitar World

April 2022
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“Guitar shopping can be dangerous!” So says Slash, who joined us for a recent shopping trip to Norman’s Rare Guitars in Tarzana, California. (You’ll be happy to know he actually bought something, by the way!) 

While we’re at it, we find out every last detail about 4, Slash’s new album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. It turns out the album is a lean, mean, live-in-the-studio affair. And not just any studio! It was recorded at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A (“the old Chet Atkins studio,” Slash says). 

There’s also a Guns N’ Roses new-music update and more.

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April 2022

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Other features

Glenn Tipton unleashed!
“K.K. Downing’s accusations have gotten sillier and sillier – and I deserve the chance to respond,” says Judas Priest legend Glenn Tipton. Yes, he does a whole lot of responding, but he also discusses 50 years’ worth of triumphs and tragedies in the iconic metal band.

Robert Fripp’s 20 greatest guitar moments
Yes, the founding King Crimson guitarist is more than just a pandemic-era YouTube celebrity! We drill through 20 incredible tracks from every corner of Robert Fripp’s storied career.

At the Gates
Three albums into their reunion phase, The Nightmare of Being finds these Swedish death-metalers addressing their legacy while pushing off into undeniably wild new horizons.

Clapton, Fletcher, Bonamassa, Kossoff & more
This month we kick off a new column – “Blues Truth” – by Kirk Fletcher, where he delves into the style of the late, great T-Bone Walker. We also continue our new hit column, “Tales from Nerdville” by Joe Bonamassa; this month, he explores the playing style of Free's Paul Kossoff. 

In Tonal Recall, we reveal Eric Clapton’s Sunshine of Your Love tone secrets. In Tune-Ups, we catch up with Michael Romeo, plus Zeal & Ardor, Dead Sara, Sue Foley, Spiritbox, HammerFall and Lost Symphony guest star Nuno Bettencourt.

Gear and song transcriptions
This month’s gear reviews include the five brand-new Maestro effect pedals, PRS Guitars’ affordable new SE Silver Sky, two top-notch acoustics by Taylor – the AD27e Flametop and the AD22e – and more. We also check out eight of our favorite recent-vintage overdrive pedals. This month’s song transcriptions are Physical Education by Animals As Leaders, plus Metallica’s Master of Puppets and Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

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