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Guitarist covers Sleep while standing on a motorcycle that's balancing on an amp

Almost anything you can conceive in your head exists somewhere on the internet. But there are simply some things that seem too farfetched to be real, right?

For example, a man playing electric guitar while balancing on a stationary motorcycle, which itself is balancing on an amplifier. "Surely there's no way that's a real thing," we hear you cry. Well, we're thrilled – but mostly perplexed – to inform you that a video of what we just described does, in fact, exist.

Not only does it exist, the clip shows the man in question – a multi-instrumentalist by the name of Bassil – performing a cover of Dragonaut, the opener from Sleep's 1992 album, Sleep's Holy Mountain.

And if you thought the musical gymnastics stopped there, the video also shows Bassil playing bass guitar while riding a unicycle – while smoking a pipe. He also plays drums on the cover, but sadly not while riding a mode of transport.

We'll say no more – the video sort of speaks for itself. But if you want to see more hard-riffing acrobatics from Bassil, head over to his Instagram page.

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