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GW live at NAMM 2020: Take a look at Red Panda's upgraded Context 2 Reverb pedal

NAMM 2020: Red Panda recently announced the arrival of its Context 2 reverb - a significant upgrade over the existing Context pedal.

The new stompbox features three new reverb algorithms - granular, reverse and spring reverb - as well as a delay available alongside all reverb modules. The new algorithms will join the existing room, hall, cathedral, gate and plate settings. 

The pedal also features additional modulation and dynamic capabilities including a compressor and expander, allowing players to play harder for more reverb and softer for less reverb, for example.

We visited the Red Panda booth at NAMM to get a closer look at the upgraded pedal and hear some of the sounds in person.

The pedal is available now for pre-order and will ship in April 2020. For more information, head to Red Panda.

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