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Hundreds of Australian Guitarists Team Up to Set New World Record

(Image credit: James D. Morgan/Getty Images)

A massive group of Australian guitarists has set a new world record for the largest electric guitar ensemble in history. 

On Sunday, August 12, 457 guitarists assembled outside of Sydney's Concourse Theatre. Armed with Marshall MS2 mini amps, the group, naturally, performed AC/DC's "Highway to Hell." Australian pub rockers The Choirboys led the assembled masses in their record-shattering effort. 

All participants in the effort forked over $45 in registration fees to receive the mini amps. All funds were donated to the Australian Children's Music Foundation.

The attempt has still yet to be verified, but—if successful—it will smash the previous record of 368, which was set in India back in 2013. 

If confirmed, this would be the second guitar-related world record to be broken in Australia in less than a month. In July, Aussie guitarist Scott Bruford set a record by playing for 125 consecutive hours.