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Watch Ichika Nito play an impossibly virtuosic solo using just one finger

Ichika Nito is a guitar player, but he’s really in the business of raising the bar. His YouTube videos – which range from jaw-dropping, sub-one-minute soundbites to wacky alternate tuning exhibitions – have garnered him almost one-and-a-half million subscribers, and plain to see why.

His latest clip – a new installment of his ‘When you need to do an audition’ series – sees the virtuoso play a one-minute song using only one finger, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

In his characteristic math-rock-meets-neo-soul style, Nito – armed only with an electric guitar and his right-hand index finger – deploys an impressive array of dreamy, open note-centric clean lines, featuring a combination of tapping, slides and single-finger-picking, and even the inclusion of the whammy bar.

This clip, of course, follows Ichika’s recent mind-bending video, in which he played a solo on a guitar with only one string. That video has received over one million views in just two weeks.

For more content from Ichika Nito, head over to his YouTube channel.