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Ihsahn to Guest on New Jeff Loomis Solo Album

Ihsahn is the latest guest musician confirmed to be appearing on the upcoming new solo effort by former Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis.

"I know most of you are aware that Christine Rhoades is doing some vocals on my album," Loomis said. "At first I thought she'd be the only guest singer on the record, but then this one song started coming together, it's pretty brutal.

"I've always wanted to do really, really heavy music and after hearing this, both Aaron and myself thought we needed some crazy, sick singer on it. We just sat around tossing names out for a bit, nothing really was sticking and then Aaron says, 'I got it ... Ihsahn' and it was one of those moments where you knew that was the answer all along, it just hadn't been unlocked in your mind yet.

"Anyway, a few short emails back and forth and we had his vocal track in. It came out amazing. I can't wait for you to hear it.

"Ihsahn, thanks again, it's an honor to have you on my record."

Ihsahn added: "I was both surprised and honored when Jeff asked me to sing on one of the songs for his upcoming album. He sent me a killer track, so it was easy to get inspiration for both words and vocal ideas, and I think it came out really well.

"Jeff is an amazing musician and I'm really looking forward to hearing the final album. Also, in the collaborative spirit, I got him to lay down a solo for my own new album."

As previously reported, Marty Friedman [ex-Megadeth], Tony Macalpine and Chris Poland [ex-Megadeth] have also all signed on to appear on Loomis' solo album as well.