It's War! Dino Cazares and Ex Divine Heresy Singer Come to Blows

According to a post on, ex Machine Head/current Divine Heresy guitarist Dino Cazares and former Divine Heresy singer Tommy “Vext” Cummings had a nasty physical confrontation backstage at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour in San Bernardino on July 13.

According to Cazares, Cummings — who had been fired from Divine Heresy back in April and now fronts Snot — tossed a beer in the direction of Cazares and his wife backstage during Slipknot’s set. Cummings then proceeded to throw punches at Cazares.

“No words were said, nothing,” said Cazares in a statement. “He hit me, and the one thing I could do was cover myself up to protect myself. I didn’t go down or nothin’, I just put my hands up and he kept swinging at me. And he grabbed my hair and pulled me down. He was giving me uppercuts and I was trying to get away but I couldn’t.”

Security intervened and broke up the scuffle, and after the local sherrif threatened to take everyone involved to jail, they decided to go their separate ways. But Cazares plans to take legal action against Cummings — who issued a statement claiming his innocence — for the assault.

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