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J.D. Simo Premieres New Track, “You Need Love”

Chicago-born, Nashville-based singer and guitarist J.D. Simo will release his debut solo album, Off at 11, on March 1. Today, Guitar World is exclusively premiering the first single from the effort, the bluesy “You Need Love.” You can check it out above, and stream it here.

“There’s an underlying theme of love that permeates the album," Simo said about Off at 11. "Both outward love but also inner and self-love. These days, everything is so heavy, but I just want to point out some joy, love and deep passion; in this world, we all share that spirit. Off at 11 does that.”

Regarding the sound of his music, Simo continued, "There isn't a single way to express the blues, thank God. You can be joyful or plaintive, all in the same song. And there are always two sides of me when I play, because I'm eternally obsessed with both. There's my love for obscure black music from the Forties and Fifties, and how I choose to relate to them. There's also my trippy, psychedelic side, the possibilities that the Dead and the Allmans present. Or where John McLaughlin points me on Bitches Brew.”

(Image credit: Jeffry Fasano)

"The blues, it's grown folks music," he continued. "The blues is not for kids. Blues to me, it’s an art form. It's not supposed to be flashy. And that fools a lot of people."

Simo recorded Off at 11 during a brief break in touring, which included his first shows as a guest with Phil Lesh and Friends. The album was produced by Simo with his co-manager Michael Caplan, and sees him backed by drummer Adam Abrashoff and bassist Andraleia Buch.

Simo is currently in the midst of a U.S. tour. You can check out all upcoming dates here.