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Kaiser Chiefs Concerned About the Future of Guitar Music

Much like a certain the Who guitarist proclaiming the death of the electric guitar back in the '80s, the Kaiser Chiefs have expressed similar concerns about the fate of our beloved instruments -- although their gripe is the music industry, not the synthesizer.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the BT Digital Music Awards, Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson said: "Necessity is the mother of invention and there will always be music. Whether it will be a viable career for five guys with guitars I'm not sure at the moment but you know, they'll be there in a garage somewhere."

Soon after, Chiefs bassist Simon Rix chimed in, saying: "What you need when you're a band, what it took for us was for a record company to give us a little money to get us on tour in a van, to get people to see us, to like our band, to get us on the radio and the telly."

He added: "That's what record companies do, and how bands get somewhere, but now they don't do that because they never make it back."