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Kiesel Guitars & Carvin Guitars Custom Shop Announce New Inline Headstock Shapes

Kiesel Guitars & Carvin Guitars Custom Shop are offering new six-string and seven-string pointed inline headstock shapes.

This comes in response to customer requests to add a seven-inline headstock to go along with the 4x3 standard headstock, 4x3 CT-style headstock and 4x3 pointed headstock.

While designing the new seven-string headstock, the company decided to make a six-string version, which adds a sleek and aggressive component to many of our guitars.

Each version offers straight string pull, which helps eliminate binding on the nut when bending strings. Both the six- and seven-string versions are available standard (tuners on top) or reversed (tuners on bottom), and are offered on many Custom Shop guitars. Like all standard and optional headstocks, they come in a wide selection of options, including headstock woods, finishes, Carvin Guitars and Kiesel Guitars logos, and different colored truss-rod covers (including personalized engraved versions).

Visit the Kiesel Guitars/Carvin Guitars USA Custom Shop for more information.