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Korn Announce Tracklisting for Upcoming Dubstep Album, 'The Path Of Totality'

Korn keeps releasing bits and pieces of info about their upcoming "dubstep" album, The Path Of Totality.

We now have the entire tracklisting for the album, which is set to be released December 5.

It is made up of music created entirely with dubstep producers. DJ Skrillex worked on three tracks, including "Get Up," which you can hear in the video below (Sorry, it's not the actual video). Noisia appears on three tracks, Downlink worked on four tracks and Excision worked on two.

Here's the tracklisting for The Path Of Totality:

  • 'Bleeding Out'
  • 'Chaos Lives In Everything'
  • 'Kill Mercy Within'
  • 'My Wall'
  • 'Narcisstic Cannibal'
  • 'Illuminati'
  • 'Burn The Obedient'
  • 'Sanctuary'
  • 'Let's Go'
  • 'Get Up!'
  • 'Way Too Far'