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Lava Music’s new carbon-fiber acoustic-electric promises “bright, dynamic and open sound at a fraction of the size”

(Image credit: Lava Music)

Lava Music recently introduced what just might be the most technologically advanced ukulele ever, the carbon-fiber Lava U. 

Now the company is back with another forward-thinking carbon-fiber design, the Lava Me Pro acoustic guitar.

The new model sports a soundboard constructed from Lava’s AirCarbon material, which combines carbon fiber layers in a honeycomb structure. According to the company, the material is 30% lighter than standard carbon fiber but with the same stiffness, and offers “bright, dynamic and open sound at a fraction of the size.”

The guitar also comes equipped with an L2 PRO preamp system, developed by Lava Music and L.R. Baggs, which features reverb, delay and chorus as well as a “Turbo” button to enhance volume and tone.

(Image credit: Lava Music)

Other features include Lava's “Flyneck” with an ultra-stiff carbon fiber rod and a built-in aluminum neck connection, and Lava-designed screwless machine heads.

The Lava Me Pro lists for $1,399. For more information head to Lava Music.