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LR Baggs lets you sculpt your acoustic tone from your wrist with new Apple Watch integration

LR Baggs has continued its quest to provide guitarists with unprecedented tone-sculpting experiences by offering Apple Watch integration with the existing Voiceprint DI pedal and AcousticLive app. 

Previously, users of both the pedal and iPhone app were treated to an in-depth, hands-on voice creation system, which gave guitarists the tools they needed to analyze, capture, enhance and sculpt the natural tones of their prized acoustic guitar

Doing away with the need to install side-mounted controls, the app could then be used to further alter the guitar's sonic character, adjust volume levels and flick between pre-saved presets. 

Now, LR Baggs has announced that it has made the app compatible the Apple Watch, delivering its comprehensive sound-sculpting process directly to your wrist. 

The Apple Watch integration mode itself serves the same purpose as the phone app, and offers a series of flexible controls that will no longer have you reaching for your mobile when something needs to be altered.  

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LR Baggs Apple Watch integration

(Image credit: LR Baggs)
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LR Baggs Apple Watch integration

(Image credit: LR Baggs)

Functions include flicking between presets, making off-the-cuff changes to volume and anti-feedback levels, and adjusting the Voiceprint level. 

Also included in the watch-controlled app is a powerful five-band parametric EQ that can now be altered with increased ease, alongside further controls for Voiceprint blend and pedal bypass. 

Making clever use of the Apple Watch’s design, the new app allows guitarists to use the crown of the watch to dial in or roll back a chosen parameter to achieve their desired effect.

For more information, head over to LR Baggs.