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Manson recreates Matt Bellamy’s Red Santa guitar for new MA 2020 Limited Edition

Manson MA 2020 Red Santa Limited Edition
(Image credit: Manson Guitar Works)

Manson has announced the MA 2020 Red Santa Limited Edition, based on one of Muse frontman Matt Bellamy’s most iconic custom electric guitars.

The Red Santa gets its name from its dazzling Metallic Holosparkle Red finish, which is recreated here in all its glory.

Otherwise, the model is spec’d as per the rest of Manson’s MA series, with coil-tappable custom-voiced pickups, onboard kill switch, custom CTS pots, and Gotoh hardware.

Naturally, a variety of technologically advanced upgrades are also available, including a Floyd Rose, Sustainiac neck pickup, built-in Fuzz Factory, and guitar-mounted MIDI screen controller, now with a new high-polish aluminum surround.

More traditional features include an alder body, and 12”-radius soft V maple neck with ebony fingerboard.

The MA EVO Red Santa is available now from Manson Guitar Works and international dealers, starting at £1,679 (approx $2,180).

Head over to Manson Guitar Works for more info.

Matt Bellamy acquired Manson Guitar Works back in June 2019, and detailed his plans for the company in an extensive interview with Guitar World earlier this year.

“I feel like we’re a future-leaning guitar company,” Bellamy told GW.

“We’ve got our eye on what guitarists might want nowadays and in the future, not just trying to recreate what guitarists had in the past. Rather than ‘the great vintage tone’ and all that kind of thing, I’ve always been more interested in ‘what’s a more modern sound?’ and ‘what kind of sound effects would fit in more with modern music?’”

Michael Astley-Brown

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