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Mastodon Unveils Video for "High Road"

Mastodon have shared their video for "High Road", a single from their forthcoming album Once More 'Round the Sun. The video was directed by Roboshobo, and stars a group of experienced LARPers (those involved in Live Action Role Playing, for those who may not be entirely familiar with the idea) engaging in mortal combat with toy swords and pool noodles. Meanwhile, a young nerd seeks glory and honor for his family, and you follow him on his epic quest to exterminate the bullies and earn the admiration of wizards and orcs alike.

Once More 'Round the Sun is Mastodon's follow up to 2011's The Hunter, and arrives June 24 via Reprise. The band is currently accepting pre-orders for people who want to use Bitcoin (as well as people using normal currency).

Check out the video below.