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Mateus Asato records acoustic remix of DJ Snake's single with Selena Gomez, Selfish Love

[L-R] Mateus Asato, Selena Gomez and DJ Snake
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Mateus Asato has offered up a fresh remix of DJ Snake's latest single with Selena Gomez, Selfish Love.

Doing away with the electro-house instrumentation of the original, this version sees the virtuoso infuse Gomez's English and Spanish-delivered vocals with a tapestry of lusciously intimate acoustic guitar lines, blending textural lead-style melodies with rhythmic fingerpicking. Listen to the remix below.

The track follows another reworking courtesy of Asato. Back in March, the Brazilian-born guitarist lent his six-string chops to LA-based musician Annalé, for a new take on her 2020 single, Goodbye. The track also featured guest appearances from Filipino actor/singer-songwriter Iñigo Pascual and Malaysian music production group MFMF.

At the time, Asato described the track as a “refreshment to the soul”. This was, of course, not long after he announced an indefinite hiatus from social media, citing the “overwhelming” pressures associated with it, as well as loss of inspiration due to the Covid pandemic.

“I am [concluding] my relationship with social media in general,” he wrote in a statement around the time of the announcement. “IG is a place where I will be forever thankful in terms of my career (I’ve met my biggest heroes and had the coolest opportunities through IG) – but I’m sincerely overwhelmed.

“Instagram helped musicians to get better at business, at making flawless-performance videos (after uncountable takes),” he continued. “I got lost inside the boxes of the 15s-60s videos.

“I have a big feeling that we are losing the essence of [musical] interaction, establishing patterns based on the same 4 bars chord progressions to start the vibe. Anyways. Sorry if this offends any community related to music. It’s time for a break. I’ll be back soon, hopefully.”

Prior to his break from social media, Mateus Asato established himself as the face of the Instagram guitar sphere, gaining over one million followers on the platform and leading Forbes to proclaim he was “changing the guitar forever”.

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