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Metallica to Perform "The Black Album" in Danish Prison

As Metallica have started to add more dates to their 2012 tour schedule, which -- at least for Europe -- looks to see the band performing their 1991 self-titled album in its entirety, one venue in particular stands out: Statsfængsel.

Statsfængsel is the name of a former Danish prison in Horsens, Denmark, where often the worst of offenders were sent. Built in the mid-19th century, the prison was operational until 2006 and housed, among others, mass murderer Peter Lundin.

While this may be a new venue for Metallica, it isn't the first time Metallica have performed in a prison. You may remember the band's 2003 show inside San Quentin State Prison, where the music video for "St. Anger" was filmed.

Metallica will co-headline the 2012 Download Festival in the UK with the reunited Black Sabbath.