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MetalSucks Names David Davidson the No. 1 Modern Metal Guitarist

The writers at have named Revocation guitarist David Davidson No. 1 on their list of the Top 25 Metal Guitarists. (Note: Yep, they got us good with the fake No. 1 entry for Kirk Hammett.)

An excerpt from his entry on the list reads:

"His style is a true amalgamation of everything and everyone that has come before him (for, clearly, without guys like Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Dime, Randy Rhoads, Dave Mustaine, and many of the musicians who have already appeared on this list, there would be no David Davidson), and yet, those influences never overwhelm his haecceity to make him seem derivative — they’re the ornaments that decorate the tree, not the trunk itself."

The criteria for the list were as follows: "The musician in question had to A) play metal (duh), B) play guitar (double-duh) and C) have recorded something in the past five years."

There are a ton of surprises and upsets, but we won't spoil the list. Head here to read the full entry on David Davidson and check out the full list.