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Mojotone claims to have "solved the soundhole pickup problem" with the Quiet Coil NC-1 acoustic pickup

Mojotone Quiet Coil NC-1
(Image credit: Mojotone)

Mojotone has released the newest addition to its Quiet Coil pickup line with the NC-1 acoustic guitar pickup.

After several years of research and development from the North Carolina-based manufacturer, Mojotone claims to have made a breakthrough for players who want natural and uncompromising acoustic guitar tones.

Attempting to capture and recreate the natural sound of your acoustic guitar, the single-coil pickup is voiced more like a condenser mic and vows to eliminate the tinny, high-end shrills associated with all magnetic soundhole pickups and banish the harsh, unwelcome outside feedback that kills your tone.

With the NC-1, Mojotone hopes to achieve pristine acoustic tones and brilliant natural sounds. Pretty impressive.

Mojotone also claims that the NC-1 requires no extra compensation from external EQs or pedals to achieve stunning tones and that its noise-free design achieves perfectly balanced string-to-string volume, vowing to bring out the best in your guitar's tone. Hear it in action below.

Mojotone Quiet Coil NC-1

(Image credit: Mojotone)

Promising to be suitable for stadiums, stages and coffee shops, the NC-1's noise-free preamp also aims to make the pickup perfect for all performance scenarios.

As an added bonus, the lightweight, easy-to-install design can be added as a permanent fixture to your guitar or as a removable addition for as and when you need it, using the flexible, low-capacitance shielded cable.

The Mojotone Quiet Coil NC-1 is available now for $189.95.

Head over to Mojotone for more info.