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More Than 700 "Lost" Phil Lynott-Era Thin Lizzy Songs Recovered; Selection to Be Released This Year

When a previously unheard song featuring a deceased rocker is uncovered, it always causes a stir, regardless of quality. Still, when such an event occurs, it's usually one song, or maybe a handful at the most -- or in the case of the late Phil Lynott, more than 700.

That's right, more than 700 recordings from the Lynott-era of Thin Lizzy have been uncovered. According to the U.K.'s The Guardian, "a mysterious benefactor has emerged with hundreds of unreleased Thin Lizzy songs, stored in secret since the death of frontman Phil Lynott in 1986."

The friend of Lynott, described only as "a Thin Lizzy fan," was untrusted with more than a hundred tapes by Lynott and has held on to them until recently, waiting the right time. The tapes were handed over to Universal Music free of charge.

The tapes feature "out-takes, unheard versions of Thin Lizzy hits and, most exciting of all, material that was recorded but never released at the time," and will see release as part of a box set later this year through Universal. There is no word just yet on exactly how many tracks will be included.

Lynott passed away in 1986 at age 36, three years after Thin Lizzy officially disbanded.

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