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New Van Halen Single to Hit Radio Next Week?

They may be an "unofficial" news source, but fan website Van Halen News Desk has been pretty spot-on with getting the inside scoop surrounding what's been a pretty mysterious Van Halen camp as of late.

Van Halen have confirmed no plans for a new album -- although it seems most are accepting that it will happen, and will be released on February 7 via Interscope -- but it looks like their first single will be impacting radio next week, January 10.

According to VHND, who cites the band and not "trusted industry sources," a new single titled "Tattoo" will be released next Tuesday, the same day tickets for Van Halen's upcoming 2012 tour go on sale.

If this is indeed true, there are still two big pieces of information the Van Halen camp are keeping under wraps: the album title and the tour dates.