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Obscura Streaming Cover of Atheist's "The Flesh and the Power It Holds"

German progressive death metal band Obscura are now streaming a cover of the Atheist classic, "The Flesh and the Power It Holds." Listen below.

The track comes from Illegimitation/em>, a new compilation from the band including key demos and cover tunes. Illegitimation also features covers of Death's "Flesh and the Power it Hold" and Cynic's "How Could I."

What's even cooler about this release is that the band are funding it through a Kickstarter page. You can check the project out over on Kickstarter and even give to the project right here."I am glad to show every fan that is interested in our roots where we come from and how things developed within the first ten years of Obscura," said Obscura vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer. "This is a release directly from the band and for our die-hard fans and friends."You may remember that we debuted two more tracks from Illegitimation on last month. You can listen to a pre-production demo of "Incarnated" here, and "Open the Gates" here.