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Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches the oil can delay-inspired Black Fountain V3

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain Delay V3
(Image credit: Old Blood Noise Endeavors)

Old Blood Noise Endeavors has announced the latest version of its oil can-emulating delay pedal. Meet the Black Fountain V3.

Featuring a greatly expanded delay time relative to its predecessors – now at 1 second up from 30ms – the Black Fountain V3 includes the same three separate delay modes: Modern, Organ and Vintage.

It also includes Tap Tempo and Subdivision switches for more precise control over delay time and modulation rate.

One feature of the Black Fountain V3 that will likely lead to a whole host of creative opportunities is its Momentary Feedback function, which allows users to press and hold the Tap Tempo switch to temporarily max out feedback.

Other features include an Expression control – which enables users to program and control Time, Feedback or both using their foot – and an internal level trimpot.

The Black Fountain Delay V3 is available now for £209 (approx. $275). For more information, head to Old Blood Noise Endeavors.

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