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Online Music Exams’ first-of-its-kind platform enables accredited music learning during COVID-19 crisis

(Image credit: Online Music Exams)

London-based Online Music Exams has announced a “unique and revolutionary way to solve the difficulties of taking exams” during the COVID-19 crisis, with an adaptable examination platform billed as the first online system in the world to be accredited to grade 8 for music.

The new OME system is a fully-automated platform that enables students to play live performance pieces and take all elements of practical music exams, including sight-reading, aural pieces, random technical elements and theory questions, in real time.

Results are returned to students as early as 24 hours after taking an exam, with comprehensive feedback.

The system is launching initially with rock guitar, singing, piano and music theory exams, all accredited by the Learning Machine.

“Our online platform for practical examinations is highly flexible,” said OME founder and CEO Cliffy Cooper. “It can be used by many other industries, such as hairdressing, languages, even academic GCSEs as well as music.

"We aim to partner with other course providers who, like OME, want to improve accessibility and affordability of education across the world.”

For more information, head to Online Music Exams.