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Paul McCartney Teams with Creators of 'Halo' Video Game for New Project

Paul McCartney announced via Twitter that he's working on a new project with Bungie, developers of the popular Halo video game series.

"I'm really excited to be working on writing music with Bungie, the studio that made Halo," McCartney wrote.

While it's unclear what he'll be composing music for, it probably won't involve the next Halo game, Halo's Reach, because Bungie concluded its work on the series in 2010.

Halo 4, which is in development now, is being made by 343 Industries.

McCartney told earlier this year that he wanted write music for computer games because, he says, it's easier to make money through gamers than it is by selling CDs.

"It's a fascinating market," he added. "A new computer game sells so much better than a new CD. Young people will hear my music for the first time in a game."

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Photo: Bob Gannon