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Pearl Jam Set to Make Announcement Monday, July 8, Following Online Countdown

Who doesn't love a good Facebook countdown?

Led Zeppelin used it to great effect last year when they counted down to a long-awaited announcement regarding the release of Celebration Day, a live album/DVD recorded five years earlier.

Now Pearl Jam is up to something over at their Facebook page and official website. They've launched a countdown that will end Monday, July 8.

It's logical to assume the countdown pertains to the band's upcoming studio album, but who knows? However, the band revealed in May that the disc is "almost done," and that it "might resemble U2" and have a "Pink Floyd vibe," as guitarist Mike McCready said in April. He added that the album would be "way better than Backspacer," the band's latest studio release.

What do you do think they're counting down to? Tell us in the comments below!