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Phil Anselmo on New Down Album, Pantera

Phil Anselmo recently caught up with the San Antonio Metal Music Examiner to discuss the progress on Down's upcoming album -- or series of Four EPs -- along with the departure of Rex Brown, Pantera, and more. You can check out an excerpt below thanks to

"We have between six and eight new songs in the can. I think there's probably some fine-tuning that needs to happen. I think that I need to get on the fucking ball when it comes to writing some lyrics. Other than that, the song structures are there, and I know that there's commitment within the band to start laying out the basics — going to the studio, laying the drums out and building the songs. We would love to have this new stuff out, I figure, no later than the very, very beginning of next year."

You can read more here, and watch the full interview below.