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Poll: What Was the Best Guitar Album of 1990?

You remember 1990. Billy Idol's motorcycle crashed. Milli Vanilli got busted. ABC premiered Cop Rock, the first (and last) police-themed musical series, and one of the worst shows ever aired on television.

From this perspective, musically, the year looks grim. Not necessarily, however. The barrage of shred-heavy LPs had waned, but there were lots of great rock and metal albums released in 1990. Most will always remember the eighties as the hey-day of electric guitar prominence, but the nineties had several gems to offer, especially in the earlier half.

Check out the ones we've listed below and let us know what your favorite is. Don't see you're favorite? Comment and let us know what you would have gone with. We can't always get them on the list, but your voice will be heard!

Happy voting!