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Poll: Which 1983 Guitar World Story Do You Want to Read?

As you might've noticed, we've been posting photo galleries of every Guitar World magazine cover from every year, starting with 1980, our first year of publication.

We've also been publishing several cool stories from those issues, including our first interviews with Eddie Van Halen (1981), Frank Zappa (1982) and Randy Rhoads (1982).

As math would have it, this week we've posted our six 1983 Guitar World covers, which feature a diverse collection of guitarists -- and one bassist. This time -- and from now on -- we're asking for your help in deciding which vintage story or stories to post on

So please take the poll below and share your opinion!

Will it be Robby Krieger? Albert Lee? Les Paul? Jaco Pastorius? Pete Townshend?

The poll will guide us ...

Please check it out below.