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Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian to Release 'Live In Tokyo' DVD/CD September 3

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On September 3, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Live In Tokyo by Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian on DVD, Blu-ray, 2CD and digital audio and video formats.

Live In Tokyo was filmed/recorded November 14, 2012, at Zepp Tokyo. This 95-minute concert is the first release of material from the PSMS supergroup, and it showcases a wide range of instrumental performances from each of the members’ careers and collaborations.

Drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, the Winery Dogs, Transatlantic), bassist Billy Sheehan (Talas, Mr. Big, the Winery Dogs, David Lee Roth), guitarist Tony MacAlpine and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion, Dream Theater, Billy Idol) brought their collective strengths to Japan this past fall.

The result was a 16-track deep cornucopia of the member’s individual highlights. The group unleashed a fierce storm of sonic musicianship on songs such as “Shy Boy” from Talas, MacAlpine’s “The Stranger," Sherinian’s “Apocalypse 1470 B.C.” and Dream Theater’s “A Change Of Seasons: The Crimson Sunrise.” The DVD and Blu-ray offer an exclusive peek at this production with a behind-the-scenes featurette.


01. A Change Of Seasons: I. The Crimson Sunrise
02. Acid Rain
03. The Stranger
04. Stratus
05. Apocalypse 1470 B.C.
06. Tony MacAlpine Guitar Solo
07. Been Here Before
08. Birds Of Prey (Billy’s Boogie) / Billy Sheehan Bass Solo
09. The Farandole
10. The Pump
11. Mike Portnoy Drum Intro
12. Nightmare City
13. Hell’s Kitchen
14. Derek Sherinian Keyboard Solo
15. Lines In The Sand
16. Shy Boy

NOTE: This video of "The Stranger" (live in Moscow) is NOT from the new DVD mentioned above. It's just a taste of the Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian concert experience, courtesy of YouTube.