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Primus Streaming New Song, "Tragedy's A-Comin'"

Primus are now streaming the first track off their new album, Green Naugahyde, at You can listen to the track, titled "Tragedy's A-Comin'," over here. You can also check out some live footage of the track below.

"Lyrically, this is me focusing on eventual demise or at least the notion that big rain is coming and at some point I'm going to get pretty fucking wet," Claypool told SPIN of the track in question. "Who says lemmings can't dance as they go over the cliff?"

Green Naugahyde, the follow-up to 1999's Antipop and the band's first album in over 11 years, will be release don September 13.

As to the reason behind the long wait between albums, Claypool commented: "Primus had hit the creative wall by the end of the '90s and Primus needed to sit. Like a good compost, we needed to ferment and turn the manure and garbage into fine, nitrogen rich dirt."

Keep an eye out for's upcoming interview with Primus guitarist Larry LaLonde.