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Prog bassists will want to Rush to grab Geddy Lee's new Signature SansAmp DI-2112

(Image credit: Tech 21)

Geddy Lee and Tech 21 have teamed up to create the new SansAmp DI-2112, a desk-top/amp-top version of the company’s GED-2112 rackmount unit.

The new offering merges the GED-2112’s Parallel Pre-Amping technology, which incorporates two separate internal preamps, with the portability of the SansAmp YYZ pedal.

Features include dual all-analog SansAmp circuits, a drive knob for gain and overdrive, a blend knob to adjust the ratio of SansAmp tube amp emulation and the direct signal, a sweepable semi-parametric EQ and a tight switch to add definition to notes.

There’s also dual 1/4-inch and XLR outputs, a 1/4-inch tuner output and all-metal housing.

The DI-2112 runs on 18V DC via power supply or two 9V alkaline batteries, and is available now for $329.

For more information, head to Tech 21.