Randy Rhoads Gets the Shaft

Friends of legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads will honor his memory in an upcoming documentary, but Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow won’t be among them.

DuBrow had originally agreed to be interviewed for the as-yet-untitled film, according to director Peter Margolis, and even provided private photos and videos.

“Four days after this great conversation in which he was enthusiastic and funny, I get this email that was almost like a form letter,” Margolis tells Guitar World. “And it reads, ‘Thank you for offering to have me in the movie, but I am going to have to decline to participate. I wish you and the Rhoads family the best of luck.’ It was so impersonal. I really don’t know what made him change his mind.”

DuBrow and Rhoads co-founded Quiet Riot in 1975 and worked together on the group’s first two albums. Rhoads left the band in November 1979 to become Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist. He was killed in a plane crash on March 19, 1982, while on tour with Osbourne.

DuBrow’s snub drew a sharp response from Rudy Sarzo, the former Quiet Riot bassist who left the group to join Rhoads in Osbourne’s band. Sarzo, who wrote about Rhoads in his 2006 book, Off the Rails, and is a consulting producer on the Margolis film, says he hopes DuBrow and others who may have personal issues with those involved in the project will put aside their differences and work together to honor Rhoads.

“This documentary is about Randy, not about anyone else or any past grievances,” says Sarzo. “So if you really consider yourself a friend, come in and do it for him.”

Look for the entire story in Guitar World’s August 2007 issue, on newsstands beginning May 20.