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Rolling Stones Meet to Plan Tour?

It may be far too early to speculate, but Charlie Watts, Ron Wood, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were recently sighted leaving the same building in London, leading many to speculate that the band are planning their first world tour since the end of the Bigger Bang tour in 2007.

No announcement is likely to be coming anytime soon of course, as Jagger wants to put all of his energy into his SuperHeavy project -- which also features Joss Stone AR Rahman, Damian Marley and Dave Stewart.

Rolling Stone asked Jagger earlier this year if there were any plans for a Stones world tour, but Jagger merely replied: "I don’t have any announcement to make at the moment. I’m just, uh, ya know…just doing this [SuperHeavy] right now."

More as the story develops...