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Sculpt a variety of distorted tones with Dophix’s Michelangelo Overdrive Plus

(Image credit: courtesy of Dophix)

Dophix has introduced the Michelangelo Overdrive Plus (pair it with, yes, the company’s Leonardo Compressor), which the Italian effects maker touts as a distortion unit that offers valve-sound dynamics with Sistine – err, pristine – modern overdrive pedal definition.

At the heart of the Michelangelo is a three-way toggle that allows users to select from a trio of distortion modes, ranging from boost to full-on overdrive, with silicon, germanium and JFET semiconductors.

There’s also preamp (Pre) and Boost knobs, both separately controllable and activated through a dedicated Boost footswitch.

A second footswitch turns the drive effect on and off, while a second toggle switch offers the option of keeping the preamp always on or in use only when the Boost footswitch is enabled.

The Michelangelo is hand-built and made to order, with a delivery period of 30 days – which, admittedly, is considerably less time than it took to sculpt the David.

The pedal is being offered for $320. For more information or to purchase, head to Dophix.