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Seymour Duncan Launches Interactive Pickup-Selector Video

Earlier this month, the gang at Seymour Duncan posted a pretty cool interactive video that helps guitarists decide what kind (or kinds) of pickup they might want to "pick up."

The main clip (seen below), which is 44 seconds long, features five photos, labled "Humbucker," "Single-Coil Strat," "Single-Coil Tele," "P-90" and "Acoustic." When you click on any of the photos, you're taken to a new video, which then gives you another series of interactive options, each one leading to an informative demo video of a particular pickup model.

From the company:

"This is a tool that includes a small sample of great video demos to help you find the right pickup. It does not currently work on mobile devices and does not include every pickup."

For more information, visit the Tone Wizard and/or