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Sitek’s Wuffy is a beast of a distortion box

Sitek Wuffy pedal
(Image credit: Sitek)

Back in April Sitek Guitar Electronics unveiled the Pandora Fuzz distortion pedal, and now the Poland-based designer has followed it up with the newest entry in its Sound Muses line, the Wuffy - a high-gain box that promises tones ranging from “wooly and dark lows to crispy and piercing highs.”

The fully analog circuit boasts four gain stages, with controls for level, drive, scoop and tone, as well as a switch that modifies one of the clipping sections by connecting or disconnecting  the clipping diodes.

(Image credit: courtesy of Sitek)

There’s also true bypass switching, reverse polarity protection and high-quality components for reduced circuit noise.

While the Wuffy offers plenty of high gain, it does so with low current consumption (just 4mA), and can be powered either by an external 9V DC adapter or a 9V battery. 

The Wuffy is available for $165. For more information or to purchase, head to Sitek.