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Slipknot Play First Show Without Bassist Paul Gray

Slipknot played their first show without bassist Paul Gray last night, June 17, at the Sonisphere Festival in Athens, Greece. Gray passed away on May 24, 2010, of an apparently accidental overdose.

The band has seemed divided in recent interviews as to whether or not they will record new music without Gray, who was one of the group's chief songwriters.

Frontman Corey Taylor addressed the loss of Gray and the fact that this was the band's first show without their longtime bassist, saying, "As you know tonight is very emotional show for us but it is not, NOT, a negative day. It is a positive day. A day for celebration. This is our first show – with you. Are you having a good time and will you celebrate with us today? This is very hard for us but he would have wanted us to come out with you all and celebrate his life. So will you all help me sing a song for my brother? Can you do that, Athens? Sing so loud so he can hear us because he is here with us tonight. Can you feel it?"

Perhaps the most striking thing about the performance was the band's resurrection of their once-trademark red jumpsuits (see video below.)

A full review of the show can be found at Sonisphere's website, here.

You can check out some fan-filmed footage of the band playing "Duality" at yesterday's Sonisphere Festival below.