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Strymon unveils the NightSky - its most experimental multi-reverb pedal yet

After posting cryptic pictures to its social media pages earlier this week, Strymon had built up quite a bit of excitement with pedal enthusiasts, to say the least. But they needn't speculate any longer, as the US pedal manufacturer has revealed all with the NightSky, the company's most experimental reverb pedal yet.

The successor to the BigSky and blueSky, the NightSky offers never-before-seen reverb-shaping capabilities, in a world where 'verb options exist in abundance. In the bold words of Strymon, "The rules of space and time have been rewritten."

The pedal's capabilities are out-of-this-world, but everything orbits around its variable rate core. This core is expanded upon by the unit's modulation section, 4-pole resonant filter and a Voice section that "enhances the aural spectrum of the reverb."

The NightSky "evolved from a desire to push the envelope and challenge the conventions of traditional reverb while also paying homage to the experimental reverberant sounds from decades past," the company says.

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Strymon NightSky

(Image credit: Strymon)
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Strymon NightSky

(Image credit: Strymon)

Users can select between three different reverb types: Sparse, Dense and Diffuse. Sparse is described as a "granular-sounding reverb," Dense is a plate-like reverb with a fast response time, and Diffuse is a slow-building, ambient wash.

There's also a Mod section featuring selectable waveforms for reverb modulation and dials for Speed and Depth for modulation adjustment.

Also included is the ability to save up to 16 presets within the unit itself, and to access 300 via its fully-featured MIDI in/out.

Featuring an Instrument/Line input level switch, the new stompbox can be used with guitars, basses and synths, or indeed linked with a mixer for the incorporation of external effects. Other connections include an expression pedal input and USB input to hook it up to a computer.

The NightSky is available now for pre-order, priced at $429. 

For more information, head to Strymon.

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