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Supro harnesses vintage tube tone for affordable 1x8 Blues King combo

(Image credit: courtesy of Supro)

Supro has introduced the Blues King 8 guitar amplifier, a modernized version of the company’s Fifties-era low-wattage combos.

In this case it’s super-low, with the Blues King 8 pumping out one watt of power in a unit designed specifically for home practice and studio situations.

The new amp boasts a single 12AX7 preamp tube and a 12AU7 triode in the power amp section.

Front panel controls include volume, tone and master volume, along with a footswitchable boost function that adjusts the gain of the tube preamp.

(Image credit: courtesy of Supro)

Additionally, a line output located before the master volume allows the Blues King 8 to function as an outboard tube distortion unit feeding another amplifier or DAW.

There’s also a single custom BK8 eight-inch speaker and vintage-style wood cabinetry based on Supro’s mid-50’s Spectator model.

The Blues King 8 is available for just $299. To grab one, head over to Supro.